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We're with you, every step of the way

Fuelled by aspirations, we're always growing, and finding innovative ways to do it. At Infosys, growth is vertical. Growth is lateral. Growth is incremental. Growth is exponential. When you work in an ecosystem that spans so many countries and industries, it's bound to be. We're serious about your growth. And we have a plan for you, with Infosys' Career Path Architecture. This unique model details organizational roles and career streams, as well as mechanisms for career growth. It provides guidelines for vertical and horizontal movements - within and across career streams.

Are great careers born or made? At RITS, they are both born and made. Because when you're at RITS, you're already at the next level. And we provide you with every possible opportunity to inspire you - to make you go beyond what you think might be possible.

Learning & Developoment

Career Growth programs support the development of vital skills and competencies through integrated learning experience that improve individual and organizational performance. Programs are designed to meet the needs of your organization, so even “ready to go” programs are tailored to your specifications and the backgrounds and experiences of the participants. Review our course descriptions as a starting point. We can incorporate modules from various programs and customize content to meet your needs by modifying the examples, role plays, case studies, and job application strategies for you.

With over thirty years of experiences, we are especially skilled at partnering with you to provide a wide range of services to support your needs and requirements.

  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • Design and development of program and materials
  • Deliver program with our facilitators
  • Train-the trainer certification and program licensing
  • Learning transfer through coaching, on-line support information
  • Evaluation

Although our specialty is interactive, facilitated classroom learning, many “knowledge” programs can effectively be provided through webinars and on-line approaches.

With our team of culture and language experts, programs can be modified for cultural and language differences and delivered in global locations through our multi-lingual facilitators.

Organizational Challenges & Trends

Talent Retention

Since the "War for Talent" will be on-going in many industries, Career Growth can provide innovative strategies to help your organization attract and retain the best talent. Our talent retention experts will review your turnover data and employee satisfaction survey results, and meet with your internal stakeholders before suggesting solutions – such as:

  • Career Connections – a career planning and management solution
  • Updated supervisory/management training to address generational and cultural differences that impact performance and engagement
  • Expanded on-boarding activities that foster commitment
  • Programs and services that appeal to different groups of employees: remote work options, flex time, learning and development, mentoring, company sponsored “perks” (day care, gyms, concierge, dining, car pools)

Inclusion & Engagement

Research has identified several reasons for dis-engagement of employees:

  • Increased workload with no reward
  • Limited education and development opportunities
  • Lack of "relationships" due to reliance on technology
  • Inadequately trained supervisors and managers
  • Internal competition and fear that undermines teamwork
  • Technology and standardization of processes that results in "human automation" and subsequent boredom and detachment
  • Lack of support for work/life balance needs

Once we identify the causes, we can provide solutions that include:

  • Updating of management training curriculum
  • Modifying human capital asset development and management processes
  • Modifying performance appraisal process
  • Implementing desired programs – mentoring, tuition assistance, comp time, working remotely

Global Leadership Skills & Development

This program is specifically designed for leaders and managers who function in a multi-cultural environment with associates, customers, suppliers, vendors, global partners and alliances – either in an expatriate situation, as a global manager, or as a manager within their home country. Their success requires a high level of cultural competency, unique interpersonal skills, and adaptable behaviors. Programs are designed for:

  • Emerging Leaders and High Potentials – a new leadership development curriculum that imbeds cultural competencies into traditional skill development classes, such as communicating, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, motivating, problem solving
  • Experienced Leaders without global experience – a companion program to your organization’s existing leadership and development curriculum to develop new skills for being effectiveo9 working within non-Anglo Saxon based cultures
  • Experienced Leaders with global experience – a mentoring and coaching approach to address the challenges of experienced leaders who are not meeting performance expectations due to cultural challenges

Global Cultural Competency: This program is specifically designed for the individual contributor who functions in a multi-cultural environment with associates, customers, and suppliers and whose ability to adapt to cultural differences, communicate and engage others appropriately, and manage issues and problems in a variety of cultural contexts is critical to their job performance and success.

Leading and Managing High Performing Teams: Locally, Remotely and Virtually: This “ready to go” two day program is for team leaders with teams that are: multi-cultural, and/or  co-located, and/or interacting virtually, and/or working in different languages, time zones, business cultures.

Business Needs and Drivers

  • Employee recruitment and selection
  • Right people in the right jobs
  • Career development/talent management
  • Assessment and performance management
  • Education, training and development
  • Employee retention and turnover
  • Succession Planning
  • Improved individual and organizational performance
  • Employee morale and job satisfaction




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